Slat track replacement fast procedure 737-6/7/8/900

When you have to replace a LE slat track, for any reason, you don’t find the procedure in the AMM. The AMM states only the removal/installation of a complete slat assy (including tracks). The track installation on the slat is stated in the CMM of the slat assy itself. So a seperate track change is a combination of both. This procedure describes a handy and short way to replace a track, without removing the slat from the wing. See CMM 57-43-02 for the slat / track assy installation procedure.

1-extend the slats to FULL extend.

2-open the LE panels around the track to be replaced (to reach both sides of the endstop on the track)

3-remove the bolt/nut which hold the track on the slat.

4-slide the track upwards into the “UP” position.

5-remove the small composite panel under the track attachment lug on the slat, by removing 4 hilocks.

6-slide the track downwards and remove the endstops from the rear end of the track, note the correct position of the adjustable endstops!

7-remove the attachment bolt from the slat ACTUATOR rod end from the slat.

8-lift the slat by hand OUT and UP, while holding the loose track.

9-now you can slide the track underneath the slat out of its position.

10-slide the new track (lightly lubricated) into its position, while you still hold the slat up.

11-re-assemble all parts in the following step order > 7 – 6 – 4 – 5 – 3 – 2

12-lubricate the track and rollers iaw AMM chapter 12.

See pictures for clarification of some of the steps:

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