Damage on an existing repair

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Damage on an existing repair

Postby 737'er » 16 Apr 2022, 07:38

Airbus aircraft SRM clearly state that any damage to an existing repair must be referred to Airbus to get a new repair scheme. Removal of repair and reperforming as per SRM is not allowed unless Airbus says it.
I did not find any such instructions in the BNG SRM. As a precaution, we do normally follow the same procedure, but this does add a huge cost factor since all these Tech Support Requests are chargeable in USD.
How do you guys do it ? This is a huge problem for us especially in repairs on the cargo doors and aft of the L2 door due to GSE contacts.
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Re: Damage on an existing repair

Postby sjap » 21 Apr 2022, 10:16

Maybe you can re-do the existing repair. So remove the old (damaged) repair-patch or insert, and re-do it again iaw the old repair instructions? is that an option? Else you need to re-evaluate the new damage as a new damage and still ask Boeing (if outside SRM) or repair iaw SRM.
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