Outboard flap assy sling installation attachment points, a possible solution 737-6/7/8/900

When removing an outboard flap assy on the next generation, the maintenance manual gives you another picture for the sling attachment points than the picture in the illustrated tool and equipment manual.


Apart from the different sizes between the sling attachment bolts and the attachment bolts in the flap, it can be confusing and causing delays in maintenance when it is not clear what method to use and what size bolts to use. Until this is rectified by the aircraft manufacturer, you can use the attachment points pictured below. They proved to be satisfactory during removal and installation of the flap assy. Of course you use this tip at your own risk, but using common sense at this moment is better then waiting and gambling between the two different pictures from the official manuals. By the way, the aircraft manufacturer will be informed asap about this, if not already done.



possible solution on next 3 pictures below:





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