New cabin window design & installation

A new cabin window assy has been introduced due to the fogging problems we all encounter on the 737NG’s. The new cabin window assy has a breather hole at the TOP, compared to the bottom vent hole at the BOTTOM on the old panes.

The new window assemblies use thicker outer panes, redesigned seals with integral stiffening ring, and an airflow damper over the middle pane vent hole. Also a new metal clamping ring is used during installation to evenly distribute the clamping load from the spring clips.
The new window assemblies correct repetitive severe fogging which affects multiple windows. See FTD 737NG-FTD-56-02003 for all related information about this window design change.

Just remember that the NEW window assy has the vent hole at the TOP and the old window assy has the vent hole at the BOTTOM.

The improved passenger window assembly P/N 140N2139-4 is fully interchangeable with existing window assemblies P/N 140N2139-1. It is recommended that the window assembly be replaced as an entire unit, because the new individual component panes and seals are not directly interchangeable with old ones.

 New window clips

New window vent hole

New window with airflow dampener

Old window vent hole


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