Landing Gear handle will not go to up position until flaps are retracted. 737-6/7/8/900

Landing Gear handle will not go to up position (Gear will not come up) until flaps are retracted

Possible Fix:
Loose pin in ground burndy block GD662

PSEU fault code 31-51001( Ground Spoiler Interlock valve close sensor). The FIM calls out
the S1050 sensor, and the Ground spoiler interlock cable to be checked.
One of the later steps tells you to check wiring, S1050 uses GD662-DC for it’s common leg. If it
is a loose pin, continuity will check good, but will come loose in flight.
You may also get reports of takeoff warning horns in flight.

Ground GD662-DC is a Burndy block ground that is located under the Cabin center aisle
floorboard. About 4 or 5 windows back from the overwing exit, just above the wheel well. If
the pin is loose at this connection, the ground will check good with a meter and a megger, but will vibrate loose in flight. The best way to rule out this problem is to remove the floorboard and pull on the individual wires at this block looking for a wire that pulls out. To gain access to this burndy block you must peel back the carpet and remove the panel. This effort could help avoid an air turnback.

Applicable Reference:
WDM 31-53-11, FIM 32-61 Task 825


Thanks to Tom S. for his input !

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