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This site has been prepared as a general source of information.  In no case should it be used in lieu of the authorized engineering and manufacturing documents. The owner has no (commercial) connections whatsoever with any brandname, logo, manufacturer, mentioned or stated in any document, program or picture on this website.

All documents, pictures, texts and files in any format downloaded, viewed or printed from this website are self-made / own-made, or made by another person NOT being the aircraft manufacturer or engine/equipment manufacturer. No Proprietary Documents from any aircraft or engine manufacturer may be placed on the site, and sjap.nl is doing his best to prevent placing documents on the site which have copyright on it while sjap.nl is not aware of that.

The information provided may be wrong or  misleading. Remember that this website will only give you a tip or some help with some maintenance issues, and that any document on this website can be written by any person thinking its a good tip or trick.

Any text from any tip or document listed in any document format on this website is not necessarily coming from an aircraft/equipment manufacturer, and no guarantee is given that this text is coming from any official document from any aircraft or equipment manufacturer. Always refer to the official maintenance documents from the aircraft and/or equipment manufacturer when performing maintenance on any aircraft.

It is not allowed to use any document, program or file on this website to use as a reference, verbal or written or printed or digitally, when performing maintenance activities on any 737 & 787.

The maker of this website has no intentions to harm, damage or change the information from the 737 & 787 aircraft manufacturer. The website functions only to exchange some maintenance experiences, selfmade documents, handy stuff and other information a 737 & 787 technician may use at his or her own will.  If you find a document or file that is proven to be yours, and you like to be the file removed, please let the maker of this site know about it.  There are several ways to contact the website owner, by e-mail, the forum or the input form.

The maker of this website is NOT responsible for ANY damage or loss caused by the use of ANY file or information on this website.

Respect all official manuals, all official manufacturers products and their information, related to the 737 & 787.


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