Antiskid inop light on. 737-6/7/8/900

Antiskid inop light on

Possible Fix:
R626, R628, R627 Relay’s, Anti skid unit

Place Auto brake switch to RTO, if Auto Brake fail light does not come on, the Anti skid unit is not bad it is only a indication problem. Go to J22 juntion box (located behind left forward nose wheel well panel) remove D40668P connector does anti skid fail light go out,” if it does”, go to J24 juntion box(right forward nose wheel well panel) and replace R626 relay. “If it does not” remove connector D40670P from J22, light should go out and you can replace either R628, or R627, if it still does not: chase wire W5156-0633-22 from J22 to P2 panel.

Autobrake needs Antiskid to operate, by taking Autobrake to on and not having a AB fault, this indicates the Antiskid Unit is not setting this fault so it should be a indication problem with the light circuit.

Applicable Reference:
WDM32-41-11, 91-01-05

Thanks to Tom S. for his input !

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