NG Belly Panel Antenna Bonding

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NG Belly Panel Antenna Bonding

Postby ctishman » 16 Sep 2016, 04:47

Howdy, first post here, but it's one of those nagging questions that pops up over and over again, and I'd like to seen an answer once and for all from more experienced mechanics:

How the heck do I successfully bond-check antennas mounted to the composite belly panel between the AC bays? I''m specifically talking about the Marker Beacon and DME #1 & 2 antennas. The AMM says to bond-check it to the airplane structure, but the structure is paint on top of composite for about five feet in every direction, making a satisfactory bond check all but impossible.

What exactly am I supposed to do here to meet the bonding requirement for installing these antennas?
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Re: NG Belly Panel Antenna Bonding

Postby sjap » 05 Apr 2017, 20:50

The panel you mentioned is composite but if i am right there is a flamespray layer on it for conductive purposes, so it should have electrical conductivity to ground.
The flame spray aluminum layer is between the composite and the paint. There should be spots for the bonding to make contact, ie inder screw attachments for example, where there is no paint applied.
Same as for elevator surfaces (composite with flamespray layer) for statis discharger conductive purposes too. Same principle i think.

Sorry for the late response but today i got an answer from another colleague with this practical information.

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