737-800 galley power

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737-800 galley power

Postby taskin » 22 Sep 2013, 15:16

Hi Everyone
Our problem is when any Aft galley equipment etc. Ovens, boiler, worklight is on-power. The energy goes off and comes on contineously for them also there is No power loss for other Aft cabin items for example entry lights. This situation occurs all the time Whenever aircraft is Powered by apu, external power or generators. We have already Changed galley equipments, swapped a few relay in forward cargo bay behind fwd wall. Any t/s recommendations
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Re: 737-800 galley power

Postby sjap » 23 Sep 2013, 18:22

Looks like a loose connector or bad contact or bad ground. Was the galley removed previously?
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Re: 737-800 galley power

Postby cheetos » 24 Sep 2013, 03:05

Maybe you can try pulling, one at a time galley "c" , galley "d", or "main bus 1" on the p91 panel (all three phase breakers) to try to isolate which circuit is causing it. The main bus 1 (c815 on my w/d) controls the left recirc fan, lav water heaters, water compressor and more. See if you are also losing them.
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Re: 737-800 galley power

Postby DrRossi » 07 Oct 2013, 20:31

Have you tried a new Bus Power Control Unit?

A faulty BPCU can cause load shedding when there isn't any overload.
When you tried to isolate with the CB's mentioned before without succes, there is no overload.
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