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737-300 reverser unlock light

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2021, 11:50
by Zerafat
Dear all.
Several days we have problem with unlock light of thrust reverser.during flight it comes on and flactuate then in ground it goes knows the reason?!tnx

Re: 737-300 reverser unlock light

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2022, 21:25
by Morelaz
Classic typical TR issue.
Let's try at first with removed hydraulic pressure and to remove snake shaft and reinstall in corect direction. TR should be extended during this procedure, pin installed in module. After assembly all, pressurate HYD system and retract TR with hydraulic power. TR will goes to the lock and indication lights goes out. Operate several time TR with normal hydraulic operations. 90% problem will solved.