aileron position

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aileron position

Postby turkıshaviator » 18 Oct 2007, 18:11

hı. as you know we can see the tla and tra for engines from cdu.(thrust lever angles).first what is the difference between them tla and tra.what is the meaning of tra. and the other one, can we see also aileron.elevator ,rudder position angles from cdu.if yes how? thanks a lot.
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Postby sjap » 19 Oct 2007, 00:15

TLA is thrust lever angle, the angle of the thrust lever in the cockpit.
TRA is thrust resolver angle, the angle of the resolver giving the position of the TLA to the EEC. The EEC uses the thrust lever resolvers (TLRs) on the aisle
stand to get thrust resolver angle (TRA). The EEC uses this data
to find the commanded engine thrust. The EEC also sends TRA
to the autothrottle computer.

You can see the mnemonics in the cdu, use the mnemonics for
aileron left its AILLINP.X
aileron right AILRINP.X
rudder RUDDINP.X
You can access these via the acms menu, if im correct in the RH CDU only, depends on your config. else via the MIDU.
see this list:

Hoep these answers are of any help?
If anybody has more / other / different info, please reply!
best regards
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Postby turkıshaviator » 19 Oct 2007, 19:18

thanks sjap for your info..
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Postby sander » 01 Nov 2007, 10:59

The ACMS (aircraft condition monitoring system) is a option and as far as i know not a very commonly used option.
Most operators that make use of a MIDU only use the ACARS option or some other type of VHF or HF company communication system.

If the ACMS option is used, depending on the operators option this system can be accessed with a CDU (for our fleet indeed only the R/H one, this is however also a company choice) and otherwise with the MIDU.
If ACMS is not installed and u want to know the positions u can check the DFCS test in the FMS (See chapter 22-11-XX), these are offcourse only the autoflight sensors and not the DFDAU input sensors and also because this aircraft is a CAT3A aircraft there is no autopilot input on the rudder (so no rudder position in this test because the autoflight system needs no sensor there, only yaw damper).

If u want to see the DFAU sensors u need to read the DFDR using a HHDLU (handheld download unit) (See chapter 31-31-XX).
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