Locating connector physically on aircraft

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Locating connector physically on aircraft

Postby JetA1 » 05 Sep 2019, 12:17

Hello All,
I'm just getting my head round the WDM/SWPM studying.

Could anyone advise best way to find connector from WDM to physical location on aircraft please?
And also from a connector physical location on aircraft to correct WDM part?

Thanks for all advice.
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Re: Locating connector physically on aircraft

Postby maro12 » 14 Sep 2019, 23:03

Good Day JetA1,

->Locating connector from WDM to psychical location (in general):

A.On the Wiring Diagram (WDM drawing) identify area where connector is located on the aircraft (e.g. Main Wheel Well, Electronic Equipment Shelf, Pressure Bulkhead etc.) or LRU where connector is mounted,

B.If connector is mounted on LRU - find LRU in AMM (SDS or P&P Removal/Installation) - based on the Figures in manuals locate LRU on the aircraft and identify connector,

C.If connector is not part of LRU - go to Equipment List - select connector number from the list - read: Station/WL/BL (Station/Water Line/Buttock Line) - go to AMM Chapter 06 or SRM and identify location based on given coordinates. Go to the aircraft and look for your connector in identified location. Try to use any reference points (e.g. edge of the window, any structural elements or equipment which you know coordinates, etc.),

D.You can also check in Hookup List - it also gives you coordinates of the connector - and tells you where each termination goes,

E.Use any available data to identify any clues (SSM, WDM-Charts, AMM - anything which could give you some clue about location of connector itself, disconnect bracket where connector is mounted etc.).

->Locating connector in WDM from aircraft (in general):

A.Read connector number from identification label,

B.Go to WDM - Equipment List - read Wiring Diagram reference,

C.If Ident Label is missing or unreadable try to identify LRU where connector is connected and find this LRU in the SSM/WDM - identify connector,

D.If connector is not part of LRU - clean and open wire bundle and read any visible wire numbers - go to WDM Wire List - find wire number and identify connector number,

E.Also - if connector is not labeled, try to follow wire loom or part of it, maybe other side of loom is not so far, and termination on the other side is Labeled - than you can find both sides in Hookup List or on one diagram.

In both cases, good knowledge of your type of aircraft, locations, reference points, LRUs, structures etc helps a lot.

Good Luck.

Best Regards,
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Re: Locating connector physically on aircraft

Postby JetA1 » 17 Sep 2019, 14:49

Thankyou very much for the detailed response, Very helpful.
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