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MEL 23-28 question

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2020, 11:23
by airknot

Please, help me to figure out this MEL issue.
MMEL (EASA/FAA) 23-28 is apllicable for 737NG with Boeing Sky Interior only:

"FWD and AFT Attendant Control Panel LCD Touch Screen Display, Display Processor and Display Processor Over-Temperature LED Light, Boeing Sky Interior (BSI) (-600/ -700/-800/-900)"
Installed 6
Required 0

can't figure out "6" of what ? there are only 2 attendant panels onboard, do they mean functions...?

Thanks in advance

Re: MEL 23-28 question

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2020, 14:05
by sjap
We have the same MEL item. With also the ""6". I think 2 LCD touch displays, 2 processors, 2 over-temp led ligjhts. Total 6 pieces.
But anyhow, 0 is required so anyting may be broken for the next 10 days.
And the operational procedure:
Alternate procedures must be established and used.
NOTE: The BSI ceiling and sidewall lighting defaults to a 30% white lighting
state (medium white) for any loss of communication from the FWD
Attendant Control Panel. For initial charge or first flight of the day, the
photoluminescent strips may be illuminated for 15 minutes with bin doors
closed and minimum activity in the cabin with the lighting in this 30%
state to supply 7 hours of photoluminescent charge. Additionally, the
photoluminescent strips will not lose charge if the cabin lights are
operated continually in this 30% state during normal operations once the
initial charge is achieved.