spoiler actuator(9) not fully retracting after replacement.

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spoiler actuator(9) not fully retracting after replacement.

Postby sibinz » 18 Feb 2019, 22:05

737-900 BBJ
Dear Sir,
After confirmation about the interchangeability of the flight spoiler
PCU part no. P665A0001-01 and P665A0001-03 , we followed AMM
27-61-51-000-801 for removal and installation of the same.

During the operational check, with the speed brake lever fully down,
we found that the spoiler surface (spoiler no.9) was not fully in down
position. We cycled speed brake control lever through its full cycle
to bleed the spoiler actuator. But the condition persists.

As per the spoiler actuator adjustment task 27-61-00-820-803, gap
check with the flap surface was carried out and found out of limits as
per the table given. We found the gap between the trailing edge of the
spoiler panel and the flap near the center line of the spoiler
actuator to be 37mm as against the value 6.10mm (min) and 7.62mm(max).

We tried to adjust the clearance by turning the piston rod on the
spoiler actuator, which we did up to the maximum as per the task.
Operational and Gap check carried out again and the condition still
persist (spoiler surface no.9 not fully flushed and the spoiler pcu
not fully retracted).

any suggestions plz.
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Re: spoiler actuator(9) not fully retracting after replaceme

Postby sjap » 25 Feb 2019, 11:22

Does it move down when turning the ctrl wheel the opposite way? Then is might me the cable adjustment or pickpup adjustment. (the hex inbus on the actuator)
You have the rod adjustment, the cablke input and the pickup adjustment on the actuator.
The combination of these are important. it is alwas possible to get it in range finally.
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Re: spoiler actuator(9) not fully retracting after replaceme

Postby motortek » 04 Mar 2019, 09:22

did u try adjutment procedure with allen screw on pcu ?
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