Hours required for avionic SBs

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Hours required for avionic SBs

Postby ZOOM » 21 Jun 2017, 15:26

Hi can anyone help who has access to myboeingfleet for 737Ng aircraft supply the man hours for accomplishment of
SB 737-31-1604
SB 737 31-1655
SB 737 -34-2613
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Re: Hours required for avionic SBs

Postby maro12 » 23 Jun 2017, 10:58

Hello ZOOM,

SBs You are referring are not accessible for everyone:

"This service bulletin contains information proprietary to Boeing and specific customers. Access is granted only to the companies that own the airplanes listed in this service bulletin's effectivity, as recorded in Boeing's Airplane Configuration and Tracking System"

In Boeing SB You can find Manpower information in CHAPTER 1: PLANNING INFORMATION -> PARA.G: MANPOWER.

Boeing gives You:
-number of persons on the job,
-required man hours,
-elapsed time (if two guys are on the job which they will finish in 1,5 hours, they will use 3 man hours, therefore man hours = 3 but elapsed time = 1,5)

When estimating time spent on SB Boeing does not include "wasted time":

"The table below shows an estimate of the task hours necessary to do this modification for each airplane.
This estimate is for direct labor only, done by an experienced crew. Adjust the estimate with operator
task hour data if necessary. The estimate does not include lost time. These are some examples of lost
• Time to adjust to the workplace
• Time to schedule the work
• Time to inspect the work
• Time to cure the materials
• Time to make the parts
• Time to find the tools."

Therefore on top of the TOTAL TIME given by Boeing, You need add "wasted time". Now if You are an MRO quoting SB for customer, You need to be really careful. Someone who knows job on the aircraft needs to study SB and estimate "wasted time". If You quote too much customer might question it; if You quote not enough, at the end You can loose money overshooting hours. You will need to justify to customer why he needs to pay more than quoted.

Some companies use standard calculation, for example Time Quoted = Boeing time given in SB x 2 (or different numbers) it saves time on study SB Work in detail.

You need to adapt the process which suits best Your company and your company policies.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
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