mel 33-11

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mel 33-11

Postby gerrit » 28 Feb 2017, 04:37

Hello all

On mel 33-11 there is a big difference between single lens wingtips and double lens wingtips, on the single lens wingtips the red nav light can be inoperative for only 3 days (cat B item) while on the double lens wingtip the red nav light can be inoperative for 10 days (cat C item)

For the green nav light there is no difference...

Anyone know why this is?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: mel 33-11

Postby motortek » 02 Mar 2017, 00:19

that's right and anyone didnt know why this option gave us diffrerence mel days..

if u have one inoperative red nav light > 3 days cat b
if u have one inoperative green nav light > 10 days cat c

please change all single lens a/c to double lens : ) cuz u know their lamp replacements are too difficult..
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Re: mel 33-11

Postby sjap » 10 Mar 2017, 13:53

All Cat C in our MEL:

33-11 Wing Tip Position Lights
Interval Installed Required Procedure
C 4 0 (T)
May be inoperative for day operations.
As appropriate.

33-11 Wing Tip Position Lights
33-11-01 Light Bulbs/Lamps (With Dual Glass Lens)
Installed Required Procedure
C - 4
Any except following minimum may be inoperative for night operations:
a. One stationary red wing tip bulb.
b. One stationary green wing tip bulb.
c. One stationary white tail light bulb at each wing tip position.
NOTE: In case of dual bulb installation, one bulb in each light assembly should
be serviceable for night operations.
Normal: Every stationary light bulb unit, contains 2 light bulbs.
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