Rudder main pcu force fight test

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Rudder main pcu force fight test

Postby fdau » 04 Feb 2017, 20:42

AMM 27-21-00-700-824-002 (737/800)

In this test, when we come this step;
(d) Verify that the STBY RUD ON light and STANDBY HYD LOW PRESS light on the overhead panel P5-3 are illuminated

low press light comes on but stby rud on light doesnt illuminate.

Is there any experience?

We are trying to do this test because of main pcu replacement
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Re: Rudder main pcu force fight test

Postby sjap » 11 Feb 2017, 17:24

Yes make sure you are doing exactly what the test says. Do not skip any part of this test, and make sure all other cb's are closed. So no interference with other configurations like a jacked aircraft or other cb's pulled. Push in every pulled cb and do the test again. it is very sensitive with other cb's not mentioned in the test.
Boeing assumes you are doing all amm tasks as standalone. But in practice we have a lot other sustems cb's pulled for maintenance, and this can disrupt your tests.
See if that works. It should.
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