contacts/pins partnumber

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contacts/pins partnumber

Postby mjay » 16 Jan 2017, 06:27

I m very new to Boeing fleet.i was trying to find out the part number of contacts inside connectors.Connector p/n is mostly accessible from equipment list,but when i was trying to find out of contact p/n found a lot of difficulties.example equipment number of connector D438 OF WDM of oxygen system.i found the p/n of connector(BACC45FT10-5S) but could not find out the contact p/n from the same connector.
kindly help and sorry for my bad english
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Re: contacts/pins partnumber

Postby maro12 » 17 Jan 2017, 01:25

Hello Mjay,

Ref. Boeing SWPM (Standard Wiring Practices Manual) Chapter 20-61-11

BACC45FT - Bayonet Coupled Connector:
10=Shell Size
Dash=Without Cable Clamp
5=Insert Configuration

You need 5 size 20 sockets (2020) (only 3 used in D438)

You have wire size 20 and 22 in connector, so remember to select proper setting on the crimping tool for each wire size.

I will leave contact P/N identification for Your exercise assuming You have access to SWPM (Pg.51, Para 4 CONTACT PART NUMBERS AND DESCRIPTION)

If You do not have access to SWPM let me know.

Good Luck,
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