737 NG tires wearing

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737 NG tires wearing

Postby Technar » 31 Oct 2016, 21:07

Interesting observation on Ryanair aircraft. Very often the tires wear very asymetrically. At one place the groove is almost disappeared and at another place the groove is significant. This phenomenon happens very often. It is related to both MLG and NLG tires. The tires are Goodyear. I haven't seen such unequal wearing of the tires on other types of aircraft. Several times we changed almost new tires because of this strange wearing. Please share your expirience.
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Re: 737 NG tires wearing

Postby Burak737 » 22 Apr 2017, 13:59

Tire pressures might be the most important issue on this kind of wearing. Low or high pressures out of limits can be the problem. One side will wear faster if pressure is high and the other side may wear if pressure is low for the same tires. But i do not remember which sides :)
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Re: 737 NG tires wearing

Postby vortex » 26 Apr 2017, 20:44

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Re: 737 NG tires wearing

Postby IFixPlanes » 27 Apr 2017, 18:13

vortex wrote:some help.........
https://www.goodyearaviation.com/resour ... 3_2017.pdf

Google is your friend... ;)
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