EGPWS (GPWC) - All lights illuminated

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EGPWS (GPWC) - All lights illuminated

Postby PinkBBJ » 07 Oct 2016, 21:36

I am curious if anyone has seen this condition before? We have a Mark V EGPWS that was giving us issues with locking up/inop on panel, with a Terrain Fail indication of PFD, and all 7 lights illuminated on the front of the computer. This unit was PN. 965-0976-003-212-212, but is now PN. 965-0976-003-222-222, mod. 3
after we accomplished the Honeywell S.B. 965-0976/1690-34-0133. This unit was giving us intermediate fails before and after the S.B.. We also had purchased another computer and installed it , but it went complete fail, and would never come back to life ( currently out for repair ). This condition normally goes away with a CB cycle, but not always.
We have swapped the Terrain/radar relays into different positions, and checked grounds, verified connections, updated the one computer, GVI'd pins.
I also purchased two relays, and will put them in as soon as we receive them.

Thanks , J
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