Flight spoilers problem

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Flight spoilers problem

Postby vitaly » 23 Sep 2016, 07:53

On two new aircrafts ( 1-2 years old) we have same problem.
Two Flight spoiler do not move down position with handle at FWD position.
On first aircraft(FS 5 and 10) PFMD all steps from FIM27-61/802. All adjustments is satisfactory. Next step its replace mixer.
But at first times this defect not confirm after 2 hours on the ground, test passed and a/c dispatched.
Next defect confirmation, after 2 hours on the ground – FS operate correctly.
But after performed Speed Brake Solenoid Operated Valve Test – FS again not move to dawn. Replaced relay R00965 – not help.
After removed this relay FS still at up position. PFMD disconnect connector D40024P on LH wing, only FS 5 still at up position, FS 10 moved to down.
Found corrosion and heat damage on this connector(D40024P and D40024J). Power get from pin 34 (spar valve) to pin 53 (FS 5).
On next a/c problem is same, but FS 4 and 11. But connector on RH wing D40034P/D40034J.
It may be good info for you.
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Re: Flight spoilers problem

Postby Nation » 31 Oct 2016, 03:07

Thank you vitaly!
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